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Mentoring Program

Course code: NU M1 Mentoring Program

@Logistician offers a Mentoring Program in Logistics and Supply Chain  

Objective of the Mentoring Program

@Logistician’s Mentoring Program is a process shares knowledge and experience with those just beginning their career in the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain industry for the purpose learning from the experience of those who have had many years of experience within the industry.

The goal of the Program is to assist graduates' and young professionals transition from study to graduate work by facilitating in-depth understanding of potential and/or existing employing organisations, work roles and workplaces relevant to their degrees and career aspirations.

The Program also aims to expand the employer base for graduates and young professionals for succession planning by providing an avenue of involvement for @LOGISTICIAN and people who have no previous association with industry representatives.

About mentoring

Mentoring as a strategy for self-development, career development and skill development and occurs where an experienced professional (Mentor) offers knowledge, insight and resources to the mentee.

@Logistician’s Mentoring Program

Due to the overwhelming response of 2013 we have decided to advertise @Logistician’s mentoring program earlier for graduate students and/or young professionals from within the industry. We encourage those who were unable to make this year's cut due to our limited amount of mentors, to apply  early for the 2014 Mentoring Program.

We have mentors from the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Industry who have volunteered to act as mentors to our applicants and we hope to have more mentors in 2014 making it possible to expand the number of young professional we can accept in this program.

The mentors are matched with the mentees and will act as a mentor to them for twelve months. The Mentoring Program is a great way for graduate and young professionals to learn from their mentors who have many years experience from within the industry. This knowledge exchange can only assist the new recruit as they enter the industry and begin their career development.

How the Program operates:

Year  2014

This program is open to receiving applications from graduates or new employees who have just began or are about to commence working within the Transport and Logistics industry.

The applicants will be matched with experienced professionals from similar career fields.

The Program includes two large networking functions as part of the kick-off:

1. A cocktail meet and greet at the kick-off and conclusion of the program both held in Melbourne.

2. Program, participants draw up a Mentoring Agreement with their Mentor, listing the activities they plan to undertake during the following three-six month period.

3. Mentoring activities may include some or all of the following:

  •  Discussion of workplace/employment-related issues with their mentor
  • Attendance at workplace or professional association meetings
  • Tapping into the Professional network of the mentor via introductions
  • Obtaining assistance with the development of an appropriate resume and effective interview skills

The Graduates observe and monitor the quality of their learning throughout the Program by maintaining a reflective 'Mentoring Logbook' of their experiences.

Program evaluations are conducted throughout the program and provide feedback that is used to develop and improve the Program. 

Separate Programs will operate in 2015 for those not located in Melbourne via @Logistician’s national and international network.

Benefits to the participating mentors

The mentors benefit immensely via:

* Personal satisfaction and exposure to graduates as potential employees.

* The chance to share their own work practices. 

* The opportunity to invest in the workforce of the future.

* The chance to develop closer links with graduates and younger employees

* Developing skills in coaching, mentoring and personal support

Time commitment expected from mentors

As a general rule, mentors and mentees meet for a minimum of six and up to 12, one-hour appointments (or equivalent) over the duration of the Program (Applications open from December 1 2013, Kick-Off in July  2014 and concluding June 2015). Mentors attend a training workshop on the mentoring prior to the Program commencing.

The key feature of the Program is to provide an opportunity for the young person to interact with a workplace professional (the mentor) and other professionals (the mentor’s colleagues and contacts) within the mentor’s professional network.

The Cost:

The cost of the program is : AUD$195.00 

Key dates for the 2014 Program

Application phase

I July 2013 – March 2014

Applications for the mentoring program will be accepted up until the close of business on the 30th of May 2014.

Introducing mentors to their mentee

15 July 2014 – Introduction and workshop

(Mentee is matched with their mentor)

30th July 2014 - Mentees will have made contact with their Mentor and began their one on one program.

Mentor Evening event and workshop 

6 - 8pm 6 August 2014


Successful applicants will receive the details of the evening event and workshop.

We have only a limited amount of seats available.

Don't delay, leave a holding deposit of AUD$50.00 to ensure you secure a place in this year's Mentoring Program.

Further information

For further information regarding the @Logistician’s

Mentoring Program please contact: 

Assoc Prof Kim Hassall 

Email translog@iprimus.com.au!


Karyn Welsh

Email karyn.welsh@inloginstitute.com

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