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Volume 4 Number 1

@Logistician's Journal 

Welcome again to our regular readers and those new subscribers.....

In the coming weeks the @LOGISTICIAN will be featuring a host of discussions on freight and logistics innovations and problems. 

In many cases we will be suggesting alternative methodologies and procedures that will not be found in any text books or case studies. 

In particular areas @LOGISTICIAN may present radically different views to convention wisdom and traditional practices. This is the purpose of the Journal.

Future discussions to look out for:

In the coming months we will be discussing a range of topics as features in our Journal and these include:

  • Restructuring Logistics Networks
  • 3PL and 4PL contracts and pitfalls
  • the use and benefits of High Productivity Freight Vehicles
  • New strategies for Urban Freight Planning
  • How to deliver a successful ‘public domain’ freight e-marketplace
  • Building efficient and effective Freight escalation clauses for freight contracts
  • Effective Fleet reviews
  • Logistic purchasing strategies
  • Freight and Logistic Pricing Strategies
  • e-logistics and fulfilment
  • Achieving a better Balance of Insourcing versus Outsourcing,
  • Freight and Logistics Education, 

And much more……

Logistics Pricing Strategy 

Each edition of @LOGISTICIAN will present a description of ‘freight pricing strategy’. In our consulting experience our Institute has isolated over 100 freight pricing strategies. The list itself is a strategic tool. 

Logistics Metrics

Another major areas of interest for most freight and logistics professionals is in the area of metrics. There are hundreds of metrics but which ones are important to you? In each issue of the Journal we will feature a specific metric and how it is used. The Institute has developed new metrics that may be useful for specific areas of your business. 

Our Guest Feature Article

@LOGISTICIAN welcomes and invites one page articles from our readers on topics of new practices and innovations in freight and logistics, especially in the areas of:

  •  innovative logistic operations,
  •  freight network design,
  •  e-business and e-logistics
  •  apps and new tools for logistic operators
  •  metrics
  •  partnering and purchasing strategies
  •  fleet restructuring
  •  new pricing strategies,
  •  logistic risk management,
  •  simple mathematical logistic tools, and 
  •  benchmarking practices. 

Each article received will be edited, made into a volume  and deposited into our library for future reference of other readers that may have missed it’s release in The Logistician’s Journal.  

We invite industry professionals to contribute an article or two to our journal.

We are looking for practical common sense topics and articles that are relevant to our industry today.

Please email me directly with your contributions: info@inloginstitute.com

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