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Highways and Major Roadways open up for PBS High Productivity Vehicles
Yesterday Victoria's Premier Mr Napthine announced the opening of major roadways and freways across Victoria to PBS High Productivity Vehicles.

PBS   is   an   Australian   development   that   has   passed its  infancy,   and   is   now   achieving    worthwhile   approval   levels.   

There   are   just   over   1000   heavy   vehicles   operating    on   Australian   roads,   the   vast   majority   of   which   are   in   Victoria   and   Queensland.      

PBS   was   developed   to   lift   both   the   safety   and   productivity   of   heavy   vehicles   and    buses   in   this   country,   to   meet   an   ever-­‐growing   freight   and   passenger   transport    demand.

What are our readers thoughts on the announcement? 

Highways and Major Roadways open up for PBS High Productivity Vehicles

PBS is an Australian development that has passed infancy and now achieving worthwhile approval levels. There are just over 1000 heavy vehicles operating on Australian roads, the vast majority are in Queensland and Victoria.

PBS was introduced to lift both the safety and productivity of heavy vehicles and buses in this country to meet an ever-growing freight and passenger demand.

Logistics Planning

This course will introduce students to learning various planning, business and analytical elements useful in the freight and logistic environment

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Napthine to Let Giant Trucks Loose

What are our reader's view on this move?

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