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Our Team of Associates

Our team of associates welcome you:

Industrial Logistics Institute draws on the skills and expertise of a number of well respected and globally recognised associates from within Academia and Industry. 

Associate Professor Kim Hassall

(Institute Director) 

Kim is a freight and logistics consultant who has had a background working with some of the world’s largest freight companies. His expertise is in restructuring Logistics networks and logistics pricing. He has published some 70 papers and articles. Kim has co-chaired OECD seminars and been seconded at various times to various governmental task forces and committees. Kim is a mathematician and has worked at the national level as a transport economist and manager of transport operations and strategy. Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts ( Mathematical Sciences), Graduate Diploma (Computing), Certificate of Logistics Management, and Masters of Business (Research). In 2002 Kim became a fraction Industry appointment at the University of Melbourne to the Freight and Logistics Group.

Karyn Welsh (Institute Director)

Karyn is an international expert in e-Marketplaces, Portals and e-Business. Karyn has held a number of senior roles across a number of industries including General Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager (Australia’s first e-Marketplace CorProcure), and is an international keynote speaker in e-business and purchasing technologies and strategies. Karyn has spent many successful years in commercial sales and account management / business development roles. Her specialization in Information Technology, Information Business systems allow her to both lecture and tutor these topics at Masters level at the University of Melbourne. Karyn is also published at the international level. Karyn holds a MBA (E-Commerce) and a Graduate Diploma  (Business Management) from the University of Ballarat).

Dr. Mingyao Qi

Dr. Qi is an associate professor in Research Center on Modern Logistics, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua university, China. Dr. Qi got his PhD from Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resource Research, Chinese Academy of Science in 2004, now his research interest covers from logistics informatization, vehicle routing problem, to Space-time analysis on logistics applications,   and so on. Dr. Qi is now the stakeholder of a NSFC (National Natural Science Fund of China) project and a National Key Technology R&D Program project. Dr. Qi has extensive experience on logistics information integration and sharing, logistics tracking and transportation optimization.

Dr. Johan Visser

Dr. Johan Visser participates in the Transport & Planning department of the faculty of Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and works at KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis at the Ministry of Transportation, Public Works and Water Management. Dr. Johan Visser is President of ISUFT, the International Society on Underground Freight Transportation by Capsule Pipelines and Other Tube/Tunnel Systems in Columbia, Missouri (USA). He is director of the Institute for City Logistics in Kyoto, Japan and participates in the Industrial Logistics Institute, Melbourne Australia.

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